How To Grow Your Business On LinkedIn?

There are almost 30 million small businesses in the United States, but only half of them in the past five years. To make sure your small business is successful, we recommend that you utilize various ways that LinkedIn can grow your business. Lets see how to grow your business on linkedin will help you how to get more engagement on linkedin.

With LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, you can generate prospects, generate sales, and hire the best professionals to drive your growth. Here are seven ways to grow your business on LinkedIn:

1. Create a linkedin company page/linkedin business page  

We noticed that LinkedIn members have a 50% chance of buying after choosing their LinkedIn company. However, you cannot contact them if you do not have a LinkedIn company page. According to Forbes, only 57% of companies have sites. The remaining 43% lost the opportunity to generate prospects, talent, and ultimately income.

If you don’t have one already, create a LinkedIn company page. Personal accounts do not have the same marketing, advertising and recruitment capabilities as the linkedin company page content, making it less effective in promoting your company. When you create a page, think about the types of impressions you want to make for potential customers and employees. This way you can choose the right photos and messages for your page.

By creating and promoting linkedin company page video will help the customer engagement on your linkedin company page 2020. Refer to our linkedin content help 2020 guide.

For step-by-step instructions on creating outside the company page, see our best practices on the LinkedIn Company page.

2. Promote your company page

If you have a company page, share with customers, employees, and your personal network. This will help you get your first followers, which in turn will help you promote your company page in the content that you post there.

Promoting your site on other platforms or via email is also a great way to grow your audience. Here are a few simple ways to extract words:

● Announce the start of the company page on your personal LinkedIn profile

● Encourage employees to follow the company’s side by involving them in the processes within your company. Social Media Today reports that employee shared content receives eight times more engagement than branded content.

● A link to your company page at the heart of your marketing email or newsletter

● Include a company tracking button on your website so visitors can easily follow your company on LinkedIn

3. Share regular content

The more you post, the more people potentially reach and convert. LinkedIn pages from leading companies are constantly updated to ensure that visitors have enough new content to consume and share.

First, try posting at least once a week. It is not uncommon for companies to publish three or more times a day. Post whenever you want to say something. Constant publications show visitors to the company page that your company is active on LinkedIn. Use LinkedIn company page analysis to see the best updates, the best release times and the members of your audience who are most involved. With this information, you can easily make data-based decisions to optimize the content of your company pages.

In addition to frequent publications, here are other statistics that can help you increase your involvement:

● Connected posts get 45% more engagement

● The picture shows an incredible 98% increase in involvement

● Posting with the appropriate “best” list gets almost 40% more profit

If the post gets good involvement, you must make it accessible to a wider audience with LinkedIn sponsored content. Take a tour of sponsored content and discover how sponsored content enhances your best content.

4. Show mental leadership

79 percent of buyers say mental leadership is very important for companies that want to know more. Try to offer a unique perspective on your industry, product or organization to start with content for thoughtful leaders. Sharing your opinions about the future of your industry or creating a final guide for your product are just two ways to show your experience and position your company as a reliable partner.

5. Target sales prospects

LinkedIn has more than 500 million users so far. This seems like a lot to set up, but LinkedIn also gives you tools to help you identify and target your ideal audience.

LinkedIn members always update their profiles than other social media users, making it easier for you to find the right person. Use profile data of your linkedin to search for LinkedIn members based on geographic location, education, experience, and even connections. If you have found potential opportunities to use the search function, visit their profile. Your recommendation or current profile display can also offer additional qualifications.

For more ways to reach your ideal audience, see Advertise on LinkedIn.

6. Create an all-star team

LinkedIn has helped 75% of shift workers make informed career decisions and make LinkedIn the best recruitment network. What do candidates pay attention to when making this decision? Our research shows that 66% of applicants primarily want to see company culture. To take advantage of this preference, you must enhance your company page with LinkedIn’s career page.

On the career page, you can tackle the target group with your company’s personal appearance, your culture, and your work. They offer special areas for living and working on the side of your company that are interesting and involve relevant specialists.

Encourage employees not only to create career pages, but also to share work posts and daily content. It gives visitors a real idea of ​​what they want to do for you and increases your authenticity. If you have several employees who manage content sharing packages, consider linking them to the Life tab on your company page. The articles you release and the latest updates will be filled in automatically and give visitors the latest information.

7. Hire a freelancer

You may have employees who perform tasks outside their area of ​​expertise. Maybe you’ve done it several times. Although this effort is commendable, learning on the way can be a major disaster.

Fortunately, finding the right talent for the job isn’t as difficult as it used to be, even if you can’t afford the salaries of full-time employees.

With LinkedIn ProFinder you can publish your project, receive free offers and hire reliable specialists in one place. ProFinder will even bring you along with local professionals to give you the best freelancing experience. With 172 professional services offered at ProFinder, it’s easy to find the perfect professional for every task.

LinkedIn reviews all professionals on the platform to make sure they qualify and use your network to find freelancers who have used your links so you are never in the dark about who you recruit. Freelancers give you access to an external perspective and extensive experience from all types of professionals, from creating websites and designing logos to managing your book or developing your marketing strategy. In addition, you can only concentrate on your work without the cost of managing full time employees.

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